Thursday, April 9, 2009

i heart ... first friday

i finally went to first friday.

what is it?

well, if you don't know,

it might mean you're not cool.

i'm just sayin'...

... all the cool people know.

(but i'm not really that cool myself since this was my first time)

i will definitely be going again - many times -

because there is a lot to see in a lot of different locations.

i went with my friends maggie and kerri.

we went to the 4th st. and garfield location.

we strolled around the neighborhood

checking out all the vendors on the streets with their paintings and handmade jewelry.

many of the cute bungalow-style homes have been turned into art galleries.

and there's also many other random goings-on

and breakdancing

and political activism

and, of course, a little céilidh.

to offset the urban vibe of first friday

we ended the night with dinner at

the très chic

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