Friday, April 24, 2009

i heart ... matta's

oh, how i love matta's!

it is my favorite restaurant of all time.

the first reason is because it has my favorite dish of all time -

the chile relleno.

but i only love matta's chile rellenos!

no one else's compares.

and the second reason matta's is my favorite restaurant of all time

is because it has great sentimental value.

i've been going there my whole life.

wendi came to visit so of course we had to make our visit to matta's.

i got what i always get -

a chile relleno and a bean & cheese burro.

(this does not look very appetizing, but it absolutely was! as usual!)

1 comment:

  1. My parents go once a month! With your grandma and Aunt Kay! They LOVE LOVE LOVE Mattas too! I also do, I just don't go as often, which is sad! Then they of course come play rook at my parents house! Quite the site! They are all so much fun!