Tuesday, May 12, 2009

i heart ... a perfect day

today was a perfect day.

i had two simple tasks:

buy a pair of jeans


get some primer potion.

first stop: jeans.

guess what?

they were half off!

so i went ahead and also got black slacks and a shirt

and all together it cost me as much as i had planned on paying for the jeans.


next stop: sephora

well, that makes for a perfect day right there. going to sephora.

i tried on the new escada scent,

(lychee, plum, pear nectar accord, strawberry meringue accord, violet petal sorbet, mimosa blossom, jasmine, amber, sheer vanilla, teak wood)


then i went to the counter to purchase my primer potion

and that was when i learned that i would be receiving

3 free lip glosses

because i'm a "beauty insider".

(are you?)

(did you remember that lip gloss is my favorite thing in the world?)


next stop: jimmy choo

it may seem that this stop would not turn out so perfect

because the sandals i wanted were $875,


when the sales lady saw me walk in with my sephora bag

she said, "that reminds me, i need to head over to sephora

to buy my favorite cream that i'm nearly out of!"

"what cream is that?" i asked.

she rummaged through her purse and pulled out

now, i'm not gonna lie,

this woman had some serious wrinkles,

but she put on some of the "wrinkle injection"

right on the spot

and it was like magic!


she said it has worked better for her than botox

and i believe her.

so, i may not have been able to purchase the $875 sandals that i desired,

but i left with something else that is priceless,

a wrinkle cure!!!


next stop: anthropologie

my only plan was to walk through the store

and out to my car.
i found this amazing book called novel destinations.
(it's a travel book and literature book in one!! novel destinations invites readers to follow in the footsteps of much-loved authors, discover the scenes that sparked their imaginations, glimpse the lives they led, and share a bit of the experiences they transformed so eloquently into print. if you’re looking to indulge in literary adventure, you’ll find all the inspiration and information you need here.)

i love finding exciting new books!


next stop: sprinkles

let's get one thing straight - this is the original cupcake shop.

just ask oprah!

i thought a red velvet cupcake

would be the icing on the cake

(or cupcake)
of a perfect day.
ooh la la!

perfectly perfect!


  1. My niece Kim is having Sprinkles cupcakes at her wedding instead of a Wedding Cake! They are FABULOUS!!! I am so glad you had a perfect day!

  2. I wish I didn't have to work today! I should have called in sick!!! :) I love love love Escada Ocean Lounge too! Nothing like a great day full of shopping. Sounds great!