Saturday, July 4, 2009

i heart ... the monsoon

who doesn't love monsoon season in arizona?
everybody goes on and on about it.
i love it immensely too -
but is it really fair to call it a monsoon?

i mean, it's nothing like the monsoon season in bangladesh...

or india...

now that is a monsoon!

but whatever we call it in arizona,
i love it!
like yesterday,
it started raining but the sun was shining through
and it was so beautiful.

and who can forget the incredible lightening storm we had last summer...
we had never seen anything like it!
there was continuous cloud to cloud lightening
and a continuous rumble of thunder...
it sounded like a plane overhead, but it never stopped.

here's some video i took in my backyard:

(you can go here to see a much better video on youtube)

1 comment:

  1. I met someone from Jamaica who lived in AZ for awhile. She thought it was hilarious that they call it a monsoon there.