Sunday, July 5, 2009

i heart ... U2 (no. 253)

i know.
here i go again about U2.
well, i'm sorry.
except, no, i'm not sorry.
they are a huge part of my life
and you'll have to learn to accept that.

their U2 360 tour kicked off in barcelona
on june 30th.

do i really have to wait until oct. 20th???

they had their 2nd show on july 2nd
(also in barcelona)
and they performed "electrical storm"
in concert for the first time.
if they play "electrical storm" at my show
i will die a thousand deaths!!!!!!!!!!
i'm just warning you brook!
i love that song so much,
and i've never heard it live
so i would just die.
so be prepared.

(also "stay".
if they play "stay" i will die.
just thought you should know)

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