Tuesday, September 8, 2009

i heart ... liberty market

i've been wanting to try
liberty market
for a long time now.

i finally did it.
two weeks in a row.
and it was worth the wait!

the first time,
i went with the girls i visit teach.
i ordered the "picnic" sandwich
(roasted turkey, caramelized pecans, green apple,
gorgonzola, mixed greens, roasted red pepper aioli)
with hummus on the side.
the carmalized pecans are what made this sandwich divine!

on my second visit
i went with my friend cindy.
this time i ordered the "arizona sky" sandwich
(turkey, creamy fontagne cheese,
mixed greens, roasted poblano aioli)
with caprese pasta salad on the side.
the roasted poblano aioli is what made this the best dish i've tried so far!!!

for dessert,
cindy and i shared a
strawberry tart.
(said with a british accent -
because it sounds better that way!)

i am obsessed with their
light bulbs.
i know. weird. but i am. obsessed.


  1. I like that place too!!! You were right by me!!!! My house is not very far from there! I love their White sauce pizza...mm.mm..good!

  2. did you check out their bathrooms?!

  3. Debbie! How could I have overlooked that??? Thanks for reminding me! I can always depend on you to remind me that the key to a good restaurant is a clean bathroom!

  4. Ooh, I want to go there! That food looks incredibly YUMMY