Tuesday, October 6, 2009

i heart ... it might get loud

i just went to see "it might get loud" with my brother brad.
i enjoyed every minute!
you will too if you love music.
it follows the edge, jimmy page and jack white
as they tell us how they came to be where they are today.

my favorite moments:

*the edge visiting mount temple school in dublin
where U2 met and formed.

*the edge showing the bulletin board at school
where larry posted a note
inviting students to come try out for his band.

*the white stripes performing at an old folks home!

*the edge telling how the first guitar he owned
was one that he and his brother made themselves -
they actually hand carved it!

*the edge, jimmy page and jack white playing "i will follow" together.

*jack white telling of when he was young
and worked as an upholsterer
and how the guy he worked with introduced him
to punk and the blues.
then they formed a band
and called themselves
the upholsterers!!!

*jack white writing a song right before our very eyes.
and he makes it look so easy.


1 comment:

  1. ooo cool, i will look out for it! although it prob wont be in nz for another 5 months hehe we are so behind- its kinda cute though...poor lil old NZ. i love muso's autobiographies- actually i just love muscians all around...its terrible im a complete sucker for a boy who can play a beat. so deep and mysterious aww love...
    p.s yeah i was thinking california too cause of that reason but im also, well i like to think, pretty down to earth and simple and bit of a hippy so im scared everyone will be to stuckup and plastic for me there, ya know? i mean i can only go off what the t.v programs say about the place but it seems as though he people are a little too plastic there too? or is that a common misconception and im just been completely ignorant?