Friday, November 20, 2009

i heart (?) ... new moon

so i saw new moon today
with my friend cindy.
and yeah, i liked it, so kill me.
is that so wrong?
and as was expected (by me anyway)
there was a lot of laughing going on in the audience.
you can take that how you want to.

did you know that
my friend angie's mother-in-law
is friends with stephenie meyer ?
she even named the character irina after her.
i'm going to try to score an interview with angie,
since that's the closest i'll ever get to interviewing a real celebrity!
but angie has 2 sets of twins
two and under
so i'm not sure she's got time for interviews.
so what do you say, angie?



  1. What not try and score an interview with Stephenie Meyer? If only...

  2. Have you read the books??? Cos the books are SOOO much better than the movies. Theres no comparison what so ever. Thats why people are so mad, because the director, actors, producers like slaughtered the books by making such crappy movies. PHEW rant over :) Glad you liked it x

  3. You're so silly, Paula!! I'm not interview-worthy!

    Haven't seen the movie yet. I'm sure I'll have to Netflix it, like I had to do the first one. (A little hard to leave the house these days.)