Monday, November 9, 2009

i heart ... pumpkin spice egg nog

if you see this at the store,
buy it!
it is soooo good!
it isn't exactly "pumpkiny"
it just tastes like egg nog
but with extra spices,
which is the best part anyway!
so this is the kind of egg nog i'm buying from now on!

if i'm brave enough
i might try
jones egg nog soda.

one year my brother brad
bought the jones soda "thanksgiving dinner" collection
(turkey & gravy soda, mashed potato & butter soda, brussels sprouts soda, and cranberry soda)
the cranberry soda was great,
the others were disgusting, of course.
brad & i had a little tasting party of these sodas
with stacy's kids
and it was a very miserable and fun experience!
like our own little "fear factor".
be warned, though, if you think you might want to try these yourself...
the brussels sprouts soda made brad throw up.
he threw up.



  1. I've GOT TO try those! Where do you find them. I've been trying to think of something fun to do wtih Julie's kids when they come down for T-day! Thanks for the heads up!!!

  2. TARGET! I so hope you try these because I want to hear all about it!

  3. I use to love egg not, but ever since I had kids, I cannot even stand the smell of it anymore. It is one of those food adversion things...kind of a bummer!