Monday, January 18, 2010

i heart... taco bell

today i went with my mom and my niece brennan to taco bell.
we actually went inside and ate.
i never go inside.
in fact, this was the first time i'd been inside
this particular taco bell
even though, let's be honest, i'd been through the drive through
a million times!
why am i blogging about a trip inside taco bell?
because it was beautiful in there!
who knew?
well, maybe "beautiful" is not the right word,
but it was nice or whatever.
and they had beautiful taco bell artwork
and i kept looking at it and thinking,
"i would totally hang that in my house..."
because that's how much i liked it
and that's how much i love taco bell!
this was my favorite of the paintings:

i couldn't get a good shot
because i was trying to take it incognito.
taco bell might have rules about
using flash photography near their paintings.
i'm sure they are of great value.
they are to me anyway.

and when i told all this to brennan
she told me that because i love taco bell so much
i would surely love this video:

and i do love it!


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