Friday, February 12, 2010

i heart ... my life in france

this book is just delightful,
as my aunt raylene would say.
i enjoyed it so much!
paris, marseilles, germany, norway...
i loved hearing about the places julia child and her husband lived.
and of course, the food.

she really was an amazing person.
she didn't start out an expert chef,
even though we think she was born that way.
she had to learn like the rest of us.
she even made mistakes.
lots of them!
and she wasn't afraid to make them either.

i liked reading of the painstaking way
in which she translated classic french recipes
into recipes that can be used in an american kitchen.
all of her hard work and integrity in that process
made me respect her even more!

i also loved reading about her relationship with her husband.
if there is such a thing as a perfect marriage
then theirs was it.
they more than loved each other,
they actually liked each other.

my favorite quote from my life in france is:
"remember, nothing is more important than people.
friendship is the most important thing -
not career, or housework, or one's fatigue.
(friendship) needs to be tended and nurtured."

the recipe that i have to try
after reading this book is
boy did julia love a good sole meuniere!
it was her first meal in france
and she never got over it.
she mentioned it over and over throughout the book.

so as you can see i totally loved this book.
it's one of those few books that i could read
again and again.

as julia would say,
bon appetit!


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