Tuesday, March 9, 2010

i heart ... the oscars

for me, the oscars are all about the dresses.
here are my favorites:

my very favorite dress of all was j. lo's.
is it slightly pink, or is that just me?
well, pink or white, i love it!

you'd think this color would be a little boring,
but for some reason i don't think it's boring at all.
it's so pretty and feminine.

cameron - wow! what a surprise!
have you ever seen her look so glamorous?
she's always cute - but that's just it, she's cute.
for these oscars she looked so fancy schmancy!

amanda seyfried... what can i say?
this dress is just so beautiful!
she should get married in it!
but i'm not so sure about the cuffs.

i love the color of this dress.
and it looks so good on penelope!

i was so happy sandra bullock won for best actress!
(although i would have been completely happy if meryl had won.
she was totally julia child!)
sandra dressed the part of an oscar winner.
she deserved it just to look at her!
everything from her hair to her makeup to her dress was perfect.

vera farmiga's dress was so super frou-frou,
but it's the oscars!
and i loved it!
it's the one time it's okay to be over the top
(but not in a bjork kind of way)
(i still totally love you bjork!).

carey mulligan's dress was not one of my favorites,
but it is super pretty.
the reason i'm so fascinated by it is because
her "jeweled" dress is not actually jeweled at all.
it's "utensiled"!
those are scissors and forks and other utensils decorating her dress!
and i love that about it!

and now for my least favorite dress:
do i really need to point out what's wrong with this dress?
at first sight i was like, "oh no she didn't!"
charlize usually looks perfect.
and actually this dress is beautiful from the waist down...
it's just that horrendous bust part!
uuuggghhhh! i can't look at it anymore!
i feel so embarrassed for her!

now let's talk about some of the hair.

what was up with the fly aways?
this is the oscars so there are no mistakes.
everything is on purpose,
which means the hair was on purpose.
but why?

sjp's hair really did not look good,
but even with the fly aways
penelope and j lo's hair still looked good.

and finally,

this has nothing to do with dresses or hair,
but one of the most exciting things of the night for me
was to see
mr. darcy at the oscars!

he was for sure the best dressed man!
and i'm positive tom ford had something to do with it!

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  1. I love the Colin Firth! I love all of the dresses. I'm not a fan of the bright red lipstick.