Monday, October 25, 2010

i heart ... canada geese

okay, i don't really "heart" canada geese,
but i liked this little experience with canada geese.

so, i was with my cousin cy at the restoring honor rally

(along with 3 aunts, an uncle and some cousins-in-law if there is such a thing).

it was exactly 10am and just the time for the rally to start.
all of the sudden people started clapping and we were like,
"what in the heck?"

then we saw the geese.

we were like, "these people must be really bored
 if they're excited about some canada geese."

then we had this whole discussion about how they are really called
canada geese
canadian geese
like everyone calls them
but how we feel stupid calling them "canada geese" in public
because people think we're the stupid ones...
but really they're the stupid ones.

so that was our conversation.

then i came home from the rally
and i saw this:

now i understand the clapping!
that fly over really was amazing.

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