Tuesday, December 7, 2010

i heart ... hello, cupcake!

i  love this book!
i can look through it over and over again
dreaming of the next cupcakes i'm going to make.

these pandas are the first i attempted.
i made them to celebrate paulina and thomas' birthdays.
when paulina was a baby i called her my baby panda.

in october i made these owl cupcakes.
they are my favorite!
brennan and kaitlyn helped me decorate these.

for thanksgiving i made these turkeys.
like i said before,
they were a nightmare to decorate.
thank heavens i'd already had good experiences with the pandas and the owls.
if these turkeys were the first i'd tried
from hello, cupcake!
i'm not sure i'd try any more ever again!!!


Friday, December 3, 2010

i heart ... thanksgiving

thanksgiving was great, as usual.

how can you go wrong with thanksgiving?
it's the best!
(well, besides Christmas 'cause of course that's really the best!)
just look at the joy on people's faces!
(sierra's gonna kill me for using this picture, but i love it!)


for thanksgiving dinner i made bobby flay's
i don't even like brussels sprouts,
but i saw flay make this on "throwdown" with the pioneer woman
and for some weird reason i had to try it!
and surprise, i loved it!
even the other people who said they don't like brussels sprouts
loved it!
(or they were lying.  not sure.)
i am so making this again!
(oh, and the photo is from a feast for the eyes
because i didn't get a picture of my own dish
which is so sad because it was beautiful!)

for dessert i made paula deen's
it was so easy,
but even more important it was really good.

and last, but certainly not least,
i made
"larry the turkey" cupcakes
they were a nightmare to make, but they did taste good.
i've made other cupcakes from this book
and they were enjoyable to make,
but i really hated larry!