Monday, March 29, 2010

i heart ... weird chief

this weekend
brook and i went to the

there were men juggling fire...

and dogs wearing hats...

but we didn't really find any art that we loved.

that is,
until we found

oh man i love his art!

here are his paintings
i have to have:



the mad hatter

george washington

abraham lincoln

and these are the other paintings
that i loved:

willy wonka


joan jett & debbie harry


daft punk & ll cool j

marilyn monroe & audrey hepburn

edward scissorhands


Saturday, March 27, 2010

i heart ... baby tortoises

i was at stacy's house the other day
and ammon came in saying
there was a baby tortoise on the front porch!
that's crazy!
but there it was.

isn't he the cutest?!
i swear baby tortoises are my favorite animal!
or maybe my favorite are
those baby sea turtles that are scrambling over the sand
to get to the ocean.

ammon made the tortoise a nice habitat
until he could find out who the tortoise belonged to.
we wondered for a split second
if maybe kyle was actually a girl!

could this be kyle's baby?
but no.
our grandpa the veterinarian told us kyle was a boy.

turns out the baby tortoise belonged
to the neighbors a couple of doors down.
ammon knocked on their door and they said yes he was theirs.
then they gave ammon
a 2 dollar bill as a reward.
i think ammon was happy about that
because i think he loves money
as much as he loves baby tortoises.
(or maybe more!)

Monday, March 22, 2010

i heart ... american gothic in 3D

have you seen this sculpture yet
in downtown mesa?
it's so cool!

see how tall it is?
taller than the street lights.
taller than a two story building.
ammon, kaitlyn, brennan and thomas
i took my nieces and nephews to see it.
it's called
god bless america

after the kids played around the statue,
brennan thought it would be fun
to walk around the mesa arts center.
i've been there many times,
but this was the first time i went just to walk around.
it was so fun and so beautiful.
even baby thomas had fun!

i love the colorful planters!

there are several water features for the kids to play in.
perfect destination for when it gets hot!!!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

i heart ... orange blossoms

it's official -
they are here!
orange blossoms!

i'm in heaven.
i know that i'm in heaven because this is definitely
what heaven has to smell like.

i've been seeing the blossoms on the trees around town
and every so often catching the scent in the air,
but a minute ago i stepped out the door
and the air is filled.
it will be filled for the next few weeks.

it is the best scent ever!

i'm so sad for my utah peeps who have never smelled it.
it's a crime against humanity to have never experienced it!
can you please
plan a family trip to arizona in march 2011
so your children can smell the orange blossoms?
it's just not right that they never have!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

i heart ... st. patrick's day

my favorite st. patrick's day tradition
is to go to fountain hills park
to see the fountain turned green!

thomas, sierra, kaitlyn and ammon

isn't it so pretty?
but looking at this picture,
i just want to pinch some of these kids!
where is their green?


Saturday, March 13, 2010

i heart ... clayton's drawing

the other day my nephew clayton and i were coloring together.
i was coloring in a my little pony coloring book
because i'm not creative enough to draw,
but he was next to me drawing a picture.
i was very focused on coloring my pony
so i didn't even notice what he was drawing
until he was done.

when i finally took a look
i was fascinated.
i asked clayton to tell me about it.

here is what he told me:

*the people at the top of the page are

*the person at the bottom of the page is
*the house is Joseph's house.
*the little yellow rectangle with the dots on it
at the bottom
are the golden plates.
*the big brown dot next to the golden plates
is the stone that was covering the golden plates.

*the brown rectangle under the stone is
"the log that moved the rock" off of the golden plates.

i asked clayton why Heavenly Father and Jesus
have hearts drawn on them
and he said,

"because they are so happy that
Joseph found the golden plates."

clayton may love swords,
but he really is the sweetest!


Friday, March 12, 2010

i heart ... this oompa loompa

my poor little nephew eli
has to take medicine
that turns his tongue purple.
it's so dang cute!
if he were mine
i'd give it to him everyday
to keep his tongue this way!
it especially looks cute with his blue eyes!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

i heart ... this scary kid

look at this sword uncle brad gave our nephew clayton!

clayton wanted to tell you,
"the sword is very deadly.
i think the sword is awesome.
its fortune is to rule the world.
when you touch the tip of its top, it's very sharp."

i love this kid!