Monday, July 27, 2009

i heart ... chris bianco's pizza crust

brook and i had our recipe exchange saturday.
i made pizza using chris bianco's pizza dough recipe.
i got the recipe here:

it tasted great, but i did not know how to shape it!
one of my pizzas was shaped like italy
and that definitely was not the look i was going for.

i made two different pizzas:

(and no, these are not pictures of my pizzas because that would just be too embarrassing!)
mozzarella di bufala
roma tomatoes
fresh basil


olive oil
mozzarella di bufala
italian sausage
roasted onions

for dessert
brook made a super good
peppermint cheesecake

(go here for the recipe)

i'm not kidding-
it was soooooooooooooo good!

Friday, July 24, 2009

i heart ... paulina

happy birthday,

paulina had a cute little birthday party.
she had a funny shrek cake
because she loves shrek
(like natalie before her).

and look how juicy this cake is!
rebeca makes the best tres leches cakes!

rebeca also made these cute cupcakes.

but when paulina saw me eating pizza,
she wanted to trade me.
who would choose pizza over a cupcake?
i guess paulina would.

and look at the super fast bike paulina got!
(well, at least, i'm sure it will be super fast, but she can't actually ride it yet)

i heart ... wendi

wendi is the funniest girl i know!
oh the fun we have when we're together!
too bad she has to live so far away.
some of my happiest times are when i'm with wendi.
but what makes wendi happy?

10 things that make wendi happy:

1) sleeping!
2) eating good food (not just any good food---good-tasting food!!!)
3) watching movies (especially scary movies with paula at the cabin!!)
4) taking my boys to the zoo, movies, or fun places where they all have a good time and they don't fight!
6) texting and e-mailing (i do not like talking on the phone--ever! fyi!!)
7) sleeping!
8) playing cards and quiddler w/my mom, sisters and paula
9) holding babies (especially newborns) and just smelling them!!!
10) watching t.v. in my room w/out any interruptions from anyone!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

i heart ... illamasqua

illamasqua is a new make-up line at sephora.

i love it!

this is my favorite look.

it's "make-up for your alter ego".

"whether it's an evening out at the opera or the dance club".

yeah right.

i wouldn't wear it to the opera
(unless i was in the opera)
and i don't go to clubs.
when would i ever have an excuse to wear anything this dramatic?
but i want to wear it so much!
i guess i have to start dressing up for halloween.

Friday, July 17, 2009

(do i or don't) i heart ... the bono bag

i saw a tote bag at walmart today

with this image on it.

my first reaction was, "yay, bono!"

my second reaction was, "i'm not sure i approve of this."

my third reaction was, "oh no, not the chest hair!"

i'm really not sure what to think.

part of me wants to buy it of course because it's bono!

but part of me thinks it's in bad taste.

(and it's not bono's bad taste, it's rolling stone's)

but it's bono!

i feel like i should have it

even if i never go out in public with it.

and to be totally honest,

part of my issue is that this bag is being sold at walmart.

if it was target i would be okay with it.

yes, i'm shallow.

i need your help because i don't know what to do.

buy it


don't buy it.

so here goes my first poll.

wanna help me decide?


well, the poll is now closed

and here are the results of the poll:

The Bono Bag

Buy it!

Do not go near that bag!

i bought it!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

i heart ... harry potter

i just got back from seeing
"harry potter
and the half-blood prince"
with brennan and sierra.
(and all of their friends!)
i have the nicest nieces!
they hooked me up with tickets
to a "private advanced premiere"
at 5:30pm so we didn't have to wait in line
for the midnight showing!

how did they get these tickets?

i have no idea.

it was like... magic!

so did i love "the half-blood prince"?

yes i did!

was it everything i had hoped?

sure was!

did i cry?

of course!!!
(and if you didn't you're a robot)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

i heart ... the evian babies

i love this video.
but it makes me think,
my little nieces and nephews are such slackers.
when are they gonna strap on their rollerskates
and start bustin' some moves?
come on already!

Friday, July 10, 2009

i heart ... jennie

jennie and baby thomas

jennie is my cousin.
but more than that she is my oldest friend.
i have known her literally my whole life.
we spent the night at each others houses every weekend growing up.
(or at least that's what it seemed like!)
and we would laugh and laugh all weekend!

we're still great friends, but she lives far away now,
so i don't see her as often as i'd like.
remember i said how i love to laugh so hard that i feel like i'm going to faint?
well, that's how hard jennie makes me laugh.

she makes me very happy!
let's find out what makes her happy...

10 things that make jennie happy:

1. the sound of my children laughing
2. the smell when i walk outside right after it rains
3. getting an email from someone i love!
4. the endorphin rush after exercising
5. cuddling up in bed and reading a good book
6. sleeping after a very long and hard day
7. waking up early and going on a walk and coming into my quiet house and reading my scriptures while the kids are still sleeping
8. sitting in my backyard and looking at the view of mount graham
9. watching my kids reading books together and not fighting!
10. seeing corn, carrots, tomatoes and green beans growing out of my garden!
11. hearing the sweet, sincere prayers of my children
12. feeling my unborn baby kicking and moving inside me!

ummm... that is 12, jennie, but i love all of them so we'll keep them!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

i heart ... U2 (no. 253)

i know.
here i go again about U2.
well, i'm sorry.
except, no, i'm not sorry.
they are a huge part of my life
and you'll have to learn to accept that.

their U2 360 tour kicked off in barcelona
on june 30th.

do i really have to wait until oct. 20th???

they had their 2nd show on july 2nd
(also in barcelona)
and they performed "electrical storm"
in concert for the first time.
if they play "electrical storm" at my show
i will die a thousand deaths!!!!!!!!!!
i'm just warning you brook!
i love that song so much,
and i've never heard it live
so i would just die.
so be prepared.

(also "stay".
if they play "stay" i will die.
just thought you should know)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

i heart ... the monsoon

who doesn't love monsoon season in arizona?
everybody goes on and on about it.
i love it immensely too -
but is it really fair to call it a monsoon?

i mean, it's nothing like the monsoon season in bangladesh...

or india...

now that is a monsoon!

but whatever we call it in arizona,
i love it!
like yesterday,
it started raining but the sun was shining through
and it was so beautiful.

and who can forget the incredible lightening storm we had last summer...
we had never seen anything like it!
there was continuous cloud to cloud lightening
and a continuous rumble of thunder...
it sounded like a plane overhead, but it never stopped.

here's some video i took in my backyard:

(you can go here to see a much better video on youtube)

Friday, July 3, 2009

i heart ... sauce

sauce is one of my favorite restaurants.

when i hang out with my friend julie

we usually end up at sauce.

they have the best salad that we both love...

the chicken, pine nuts, tomato & gorgonzola salad.

and my favorite pizza is...

the wild mushroom w/ truffled arugula.

(i also love the prosciutto & melon pizza - it's true! try it!)