Monday, August 31, 2009

i heart ... a perfect day (no. 2)

i had yet another perfect day.
i spent it with my cousin/bff, brook.
we saw julie & julia.

i never knew julia child was such a
happy, positive person.
just the kind of person i like.
i enjoyed every second that julia/meryl streep
was onscreen.

we saw "julie & julia"
so, of course, after the movie
we had to do a little shopping!
that should go without saying!
(so i guess i needn't have mentioned it)
(also, i guess i don't need to mention which store
we spent most of our time in)

we knew that after seeing "julie & julia"
we would feel the intense need
for some scrumptious and beautiful food.
so after shopping we headed across the street to

and the food was exactly what we had in mind -
yes, it was scrumptious and beautiful!

when the weather is cooler
we're going back to enjoy their beautiful patio!

and even better,
one of these days we're going to have a girls' night
and reserve their beautiful
white room!

our waitress tried to tempt us with a
peach cobbler cheesecake for dessert
(yes, a cobbler and a cheesecake in one!)
but we could not be deterred from
the very dessert we had in mind...

sprinkles, of course!

and thus ended our perfect day.

i can't wait for the next one!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

i heart ... this broad

my new new favorite nail color:

love it!

perfect for fall,

but i'm not waiting for fall.

i'm wearing it now!

and dreaming of fall.

i can't wait!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

i heart ... pride and prejudice and zombies

remember when i told you earlier about pride and prejudice and zombies?

i thought i was the only person interested in pride and prejudice and zombies,
but i was so wrong.
it turned into a new york times bestseller!
and when i was buying it, the guy behind the counter said,
"what is with this book? these have been selling like hotcakes!"
and oprah, even oprah!, put it on her summer reading list.

pride and prejudice is my favorite book
and you would think i would hate the idea
of someone turning zombies loose in my favorite book.
i was even surprised with myself that i was excited about the idea.
so what did i think?
i liked it, but unfortunately, i didn't love it.
the zombies weren't integrated enough into the story.
it was mostly just pride and prejudice (word for word) with zombies on the side.
but it was still fun and good for a laugh.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i heart ... sprinkles

my favorite is ginger lemon.

honorable mention also goes to:


lemon coconut


dark chocolate


but the award for best icing goes to:


which one is your favorite?

Monday, August 17, 2009

i heart ... nana & grandpa's cabin

while stephanie and her family were in town
we had to make a trip to nana & grandpa's cabin in lakeside for the weekend.
stephanie and her family hadn't been there in awhile,
and neither had i.
i just love nana & grandpa's cabin so much!
i remember going there every summer when i was growing up.
it felt so good to go there again
where everything is the same,
frozen in time.
it was like stepping back into my childhood.
i love that!

here's what we did:

we rode on the old saddle from sundown ranch...

... we colored pictures ...

... we churned some butter ...

... we played the piano ...

... we swung on the swing ...

... we did puzzles ...

... (a new tradition) we went to walmart and checked out the new awesome british-inspired miley cyrus & max azria collection ...
(yes, max azria at walmart. something is definitely not right about that!)

... we read ...

... we played badminton ...

... we admired dead things in grandpa's shed...

... and after admiring dead things,
we admired beautiful things in the recent sephora catalogue,
especially this look:

and then we were inspired to try our own candy color looks:

of course, we made s'mores...

... the brave ones watched "the 6th sense" in the tent...

... we went canoeing at rainbow lake ...

... and also fed the ducks ...

... the end.

Monday, August 10, 2009

i heart ... reunions

we had a smith reunion this summer.

it was in alton, utah near bryce canyon.
it was so beautiful
and we could even sit outside
in the middle of the afternoon
without melting.

alton was in the 70s
which was such a relief from mesa
where it was 115 degrees!

brad and i drove up together.
he had the brilliant idea
(one that only brad can have)
of taking out the front passenger seat
so that whoever wasn't driving could sit in the back seat
and have all the room in the world to stretch out and relax.
we even made a little ottoman.

when he first ran the idea past me
i thought i would be embarrassed by what other drivers
would think.

but i got over that real fast when i realized how comfortable it would be.
and it was!

the drive to utah is long and boring,
but i have to admit that there is a lot of beautiful scenery,
like this:

we stayed at this beautiful lodge

with this beautiful view

and want to know what we did?
we hung out

and hung out some more

and hung out even more!

we played cards

and played chess

harmony, chance, ammon, noah

we painted fingernails


we made jewelry

that looked like this:

(it says "cousins club")

we read books

paulina and thomas

we cuddled

caleb and eric

we played football


we had a talent show

natalie, darren, rebeca and paulina singing "big rock candy mountain"

the moritzes singing "because we are smiths" to the tune of kelly clarkson's "since you've been gone"

brennan, ammon, sierra and kaitlyn looking so cool after their performance.
i think they should dress like this everyday!

and most importantly we got to see our cousins who live far, far away!
jordan, shelby, brennan, kenzie, sierra, andersyn