Tuesday, February 3, 2009

i('m not so sure if i) heart ... pride and prejudice and zombies

actually, i do heart pride and prejudice


i do heart zombies
(bet you didn't know that)

but do i heart them together?

not so sure.

but i guess i'll find out after i read this:

"it is a truth universally acknowledged that a jane austen novel in which zombies are hunted down and decapitated by a young lady of modest means but charming manners must be a crime against literature." - matthew du plessis
one obvious question, of course, is what would ms. austen think of this unconventional adaptation? salon book critic and austen fan laura miller says:
"well, she'd be astonished, of course, since her age was, sadly, as bereft of zombie movies as it was of indoor plumbing. however, I don't doubt that elizabeth bennet would adapt quickly to the imperatives of a zombie attack and in time prove one of our ablest leaders in the war against the undead. the real question is: if mr. darcy became infected, would elizabeth have the fortitude to behead him in time?" - salon.com
so will this book indeed be a crime against literature and will elizabeth be able to take out mr. darcy if he turns into a zombie? i'll keep you posted!

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