Tuesday, February 24, 2009

i heart ... the oscars!

i love, love, love the oscars!
mostly i just love to see what everyone is wearing.
here are my favorites:

this is my very favorite dress of the night. so fairy princess.

penelope had seen this dress 8 years ago in a vintage shop. she knew she would love to wear it for a special occasion and was lucky enough to find it again so she could wear it to the oscars. it is a 60-year-old vintage gown.
pierre balmain

this dress is a bit mummy-ish, but beautiful at the same time. strange. roberto cavalli

sparkles! i love sparkles!


this dress just made me say, "wow!" i'm a bit of an expert on pleating because i do watch "project runway", you know. pleating is a difficult thing. just look at all that pleating! this dress was someones labor of love.

now, my favorite thing of the whole oscars was angelina's jewelry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
emeralds are my favorite, and these are emeralds to die for!
seriously. i would die for them.
lorraine schwartz

lorraine schwartz

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  1. I completely agree!!!!!! I LOVED Angelina Jolie's jewelry! I didn't even really notice her dress because I was transfixed on the jewelry. I would love to have jewels like that! :)