Sunday, February 1, 2009

i (don't) heart ... the cardinals

... and it's not because they didn't win the superbowl. i don't care about that. i didn't like them to begin with. i've never felt like they were my team.
and it's been weird to see all the people around the valley wearing cardinals gear. bunch of fakes. like these people:

chipotle (whom i do heart!) was giving out free burritos to people wearing cardinals stuff. seriously, would you wait in that line for a free burrito?! and would you wear a cardinals shirt for a free burrito? i think not! and you know that each and every one of these people if you had asked them a couple of months ago if they liked the cardinals the answer would be "no!" nobody liked the cardinals until they went to the superbowl.
but i digress. i do know one person who has always supported the cardinals - my grandma.

so i'm sad for my grandma that the cardinals lost.
and also i'm sad for this girl that the cardinals lost:

natalie got caught up in the excitement of the cardinals going to the superbowl just like everyone else, but she's a child so i'm not going to accuse her of jumping on the bandwagon. and besides, i know now that she is a true fan because she cried when the cardinals lost.

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