Sunday, February 15, 2009

i heart ... vnsa

vnsa! i love vnsa!

what is vnsa you ask? it's only the largest booksale in the southwest which is held once a year during the second weekend in february. all the proceeds go to charity. put it on your calendars for next year.

on saturday i went with brook.

we had to wait in this big long line to get in. and by the way the way, that is not the only line. there is another line equally as long that you can't see to the right of this picture . if you're asking if it is worth it, the answer is yes.

just look at these beautiful books that you can get for, like, 3 bucks!

back in the day we didn't have to wait in that big long line because we would volunteer to help brook's mother (my aunt) set up the books in the "classics" category.

so the week before the sale we would go set the books up and then on the morning of the sale we would walk right in the door to man our category - and as soon as the doors would open we would shop!!! there are people who literally camp out overnight to be first in the door - if they only knew that if they just volunteered they could just walk right in the door without having to step foot in line. those poor schmucks!

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