Monday, February 2, 2009

i heart ... pete's

pete's fish & chips, that is!

it's not my favorite restaurant (that would be matta's as you should all know!). but pete's has great sentimental value. and i'm very sentimental. pete and i go back as far as i can remember.

and now a new generation is getting to know pete:



and, the answer is "no", i am not a pete's fish & chipsaholic. but are you?

1) do you eat at pete's alone?

2) do you eat at pete's fish & chips when you're depressed?

3) have you ever missed work because you ate too much pete's fish & chips?

4) do you eat pete's fish & chips while you drive?

5) do you find yourself unable to get through the day without pete's fish & chips?

6) do you find it difficult to turn down offers to go to lunch at pete's?

7) do you only hang out with other pete's fish & chips junkies?

8) are you eating at pete's fish & chips right now?

9) do you lick your sauce cup clean when no one is looking?

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