Sunday, February 8, 2009

i heart ... triple-chocolate peppermint trifle

oh my gosh!

this is probably the best dessert i've ever made!

thank you martha stewart!

my friend/cousin/travel companion/super cool girl, brook, and i do a recipe exchange. we each make something that we've been dying to try, or something that we already love. this is the recipe that i've been dying to try and that i tried out last night for our recipe exchange.

i also made extra to share with my family. i asked them to rate it between 1 and 5 hearts. here are the results:

ammon: 4 hearts

kaitlyn: 3 hearts

brennan: 4 1/2 hearts

bradley s. smith, esq.: 4 hearts

stacy: 4 hearts

and i rated it 5 hearts, thank you very much!

p.s. - next time i'm going to turn it into a chocolate/peanut butter trifle by substituting one bag of p.b. chips for a bag of chocolate chips!


  1. I definitely gave the dessert 5 hearts!!!!!! It was heaven!

    BTW "bradley s. smith, esq." had me laughing so hard!! It reminds me of Grandpa! Hilarious!

  2. well, ya know, that's what he calls himself! and what does "esquire" mean anyway?

  3. I loved reading through this, Paula. And it made me realize I've missed you!