Thursday, February 5, 2009

i heart ... zombies

i don't really want to say "i heart ... zombies", but i kinda do because they are quite thrilling. and i certainly never dreamed of blogging about zombies twice in one week (or ever!), but when i saw this photo i couldn't resist sharing. this is a news photo from austin:

wouldn't it be cool if you were driving and there really were zombies up ahead? what would you do?
if you need some helpful tips you could read the zombie survival guide: complete protection from the living dead. they give advice on such things as how to prepare your home, avoiding urban areas, which weapons to use (molotov cocktails, power tools, slingshots...)...

if you'd like to learn more, barnes and noble has a plethora of helpful books, such as:

zen of zombie: better living through the undead

punk zombies

how to draw and fight zombies

consciousness from zombies to angels: the shadow and the light of knowing who you are

zombies vs. robots vs. amazons

zombies, lilliputians and sadists: the power of the living dead and the future of australia

and of course... pride and prejudice and zombies

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