Tuesday, August 25, 2009

i heart ... pride and prejudice and zombies

remember when i told you earlier about pride and prejudice and zombies?

i thought i was the only person interested in pride and prejudice and zombies,
but i was so wrong.
it turned into a new york times bestseller!
and when i was buying it, the guy behind the counter said,
"what is with this book? these have been selling like hotcakes!"
and oprah, even oprah!, put it on her summer reading list.

pride and prejudice is my favorite book
and you would think i would hate the idea
of someone turning zombies loose in my favorite book.
i was even surprised with myself that i was excited about the idea.
so what did i think?
i liked it, but unfortunately, i didn't love it.
the zombies weren't integrated enough into the story.
it was mostly just pride and prejudice (word for word) with zombies on the side.
but it was still fun and good for a laugh.

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