Friday, July 24, 2009

i heart ... paulina

happy birthday,

paulina had a cute little birthday party.
she had a funny shrek cake
because she loves shrek
(like natalie before her).

and look how juicy this cake is!
rebeca makes the best tres leches cakes!

rebeca also made these cute cupcakes.

but when paulina saw me eating pizza,
she wanted to trade me.
who would choose pizza over a cupcake?
i guess paulina would.

and look at the super fast bike paulina got!
(well, at least, i'm sure it will be super fast, but she can't actually ride it yet)


  1. She is cute as a button! Which brother/sister, does she belong too??? SOOO cute!

  2. Paulina belongs to Darren and his wife Rebeca. They also have an older daughter named Natalie. And yes, they are toooo cute!!!