Friday, July 10, 2009

i heart ... jennie

jennie and baby thomas

jennie is my cousin.
but more than that she is my oldest friend.
i have known her literally my whole life.
we spent the night at each others houses every weekend growing up.
(or at least that's what it seemed like!)
and we would laugh and laugh all weekend!

we're still great friends, but she lives far away now,
so i don't see her as often as i'd like.
remember i said how i love to laugh so hard that i feel like i'm going to faint?
well, that's how hard jennie makes me laugh.

she makes me very happy!
let's find out what makes her happy...

10 things that make jennie happy:

1. the sound of my children laughing
2. the smell when i walk outside right after it rains
3. getting an email from someone i love!
4. the endorphin rush after exercising
5. cuddling up in bed and reading a good book
6. sleeping after a very long and hard day
7. waking up early and going on a walk and coming into my quiet house and reading my scriptures while the kids are still sleeping
8. sitting in my backyard and looking at the view of mount graham
9. watching my kids reading books together and not fighting!
10. seeing corn, carrots, tomatoes and green beans growing out of my garden!
11. hearing the sweet, sincere prayers of my children
12. feeling my unborn baby kicking and moving inside me!

ummm... that is 12, jennie, but i love all of them so we'll keep them!

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