Friday, July 24, 2009

i heart ... wendi

wendi is the funniest girl i know!
oh the fun we have when we're together!
too bad she has to live so far away.
some of my happiest times are when i'm with wendi.
but what makes wendi happy?

10 things that make wendi happy:

1) sleeping!
2) eating good food (not just any good food---good-tasting food!!!)
3) watching movies (especially scary movies with paula at the cabin!!)
4) taking my boys to the zoo, movies, or fun places where they all have a good time and they don't fight!
6) texting and e-mailing (i do not like talking on the phone--ever! fyi!!)
7) sleeping!
8) playing cards and quiddler w/my mom, sisters and paula
9) holding babies (especially newborns) and just smelling them!!!
10) watching t.v. in my room w/out any interruptions from anyone!!


  1. You really need to play "down home Quiddler" it's where every card gets it's phonetic spelling. For instance "binque" is a binky.

    BTW, I heart Wendi too, I just haven't seen her in decades!!! When are we all going to get together?!?

  2. I'm always telling Wendi how much fun the two of you would have together! Maybe way tooooo much fun... maybe it's not the best idea... who knows what could happen!

  3. Ok, don't talk like I'm not here! I think you should get us all together Paulina, next time I'm in Mesa (who knows when that'll be!) cuz I really KNOW we'd have a blast!! Also, if you can, put my facebook profile picture of me @ black angus on this I HEART WENDI cuz I don't like that one of me as much!! Travis said I had to put it on the site, tho. Love you Paulina and miss you sooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!