Saturday, March 13, 2010

i heart ... clayton's drawing

the other day my nephew clayton and i were coloring together.
i was coloring in a my little pony coloring book
because i'm not creative enough to draw,
but he was next to me drawing a picture.
i was very focused on coloring my pony
so i didn't even notice what he was drawing
until he was done.

when i finally took a look
i was fascinated.
i asked clayton to tell me about it.

here is what he told me:

*the people at the top of the page are

*the person at the bottom of the page is
*the house is Joseph's house.
*the little yellow rectangle with the dots on it
at the bottom
are the golden plates.
*the big brown dot next to the golden plates
is the stone that was covering the golden plates.

*the brown rectangle under the stone is
"the log that moved the rock" off of the golden plates.

i asked clayton why Heavenly Father and Jesus
have hearts drawn on them
and he said,

"because they are so happy that
Joseph found the golden plates."

clayton may love swords,
but he really is the sweetest!


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