Saturday, March 27, 2010

i heart ... baby tortoises

i was at stacy's house the other day
and ammon came in saying
there was a baby tortoise on the front porch!
that's crazy!
but there it was.

isn't he the cutest?!
i swear baby tortoises are my favorite animal!
or maybe my favorite are
those baby sea turtles that are scrambling over the sand
to get to the ocean.

ammon made the tortoise a nice habitat
until he could find out who the tortoise belonged to.
we wondered for a split second
if maybe kyle was actually a girl!

could this be kyle's baby?
but no.
our grandpa the veterinarian told us kyle was a boy.

turns out the baby tortoise belonged
to the neighbors a couple of doors down.
ammon knocked on their door and they said yes he was theirs.
then they gave ammon
a 2 dollar bill as a reward.
i think ammon was happy about that
because i think he loves money
as much as he loves baby tortoises.
(or maybe more!)

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