Sunday, October 4, 2009

i heart ... this rainbow cake

i found this cool cake on omnomicon.
i fell in love.
mostly i fell in love with how
it would blow the minds
of my nieces and nephews.
('cause you know i'm all about my nieces and nephews!)
i made it today for our sunday family dinner.
and it worked.
their minds were blown.

yes, i am aware of what this looks like.

omnomicon's rainbow cake

2 boxes white cake mix
24 oz. of clear diet soda (like diet sprite)
gel food coloring
(the recipe doesn't call for it, but i added 2 teaspoons coconut flavoring!)
whatever icing you want
(i used whipped cream)

1)mix the cake mixes with the diet soda. it will be lumpy. follow the instructions on the box (besides the oil, eggs...).
2) get out 6 bowls, for the 6 colors of batter. put an even amount of batter into each bowl (a little less than 1 1/2 cups per bowl).
each bowl needs its own spoon!
3) stir colors into each bowl. it takes a lot of food coloring!

4) spray the pans very well. drop first color into pan. drop 2/3 cup at a time. drop it like you would pancake batter.
drop the next color in the center, right on top of the first. you can choose the order of the colors.(omnomicon did red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple...and then the opposite in the other pan. hers looked better than mine, so i'm doing mine her way next time!)
do not stir the colors!!! leave them alone!!!

5) bake according to package directions, but might need an extra 5 or 10 min. because of the soda. let it cool completely before removing to wire rack.

and finally, look at this cool view from the bottom!



  1. That is really cool looking. I bet the kids loved it!

  2. wow what a fun cake! perfect for kids birthdays!!!! it would be fun to make all sorts of pretty patterns too huh actually maybe not just for kids- i bet my boss would love this, might have to try my hand at making it for her hehe. hey im glad to hear your friends family were ok, thank godness must have been such a relief! Arizona ay? im looking at been an au pair in the states early next a summery beahcy girl through and through...where would you reccomend for me?