Tuesday, February 1, 2011

i heart's best pictures of december 2010

i took thomas to the arizona musuem of natural history
(aka "the dinosaur museum")
but forget about the dinosaurs!
he was more interested in watching himself in the movies.
they have a blue screen you can stand in front of
and then a tv in front of you where you can watch yourself
in some old arizona cowboy movie.
he loved it! 

i laugh everytime i look at these pictures!

thomas jefferson, meet thomas jefferson.
(not sure why this photo is at the arizona museum of natural history)

i made these christmas light cupcakes for christmas eve.

ava, clayton and eli on christmas eve

paulina, natalie and olivia on christmas eve

kaitlyn, brennan, shelby and sierra on christmas eve

paulina and ava on christmas morning

the girls at the temple lights

the boys at the temple lights

sierra, kaitlyn, stephanie, shelby and brennan
at the sugar bowl


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