Thursday, April 14, 2011

i heart ... smeeks

i love smeeks.
i mean, i love smeeks!
it is the happiest place on earth
(or in phx anyway).
i wish i could live there.
i wish i could marry it.
then my name would be paula smeeks, which isn't far off actually!

"a sweet little shop for sweet little folks"

my favorite thing at smeeks is the gnome cottage.

smeeks has fun pop that we always pick up on our way out the door.

one day brennan discovered leninade.

it's our new favorite pop -
and hilarious!
it has all these funny slogans printed all over it
(well, funny if you're a capitalist such as myself):

* a taste worth standing in line for!
* get hammered and sickled!
* join the party!
* drink comrade! drink! it's this or the gulag!
* misha, chill down this bottle and chill out!
* a party in every bottle!
* our 5-year plan: drink a bottle a day for 5 years and become a hero of the socialist flavor!
* beware the repressed communist party animal who is really a proletarian in denial masquerading as a bourgeois cold war monger!

(what in the....?) 

p.s.  -  let it be known to one and all, that sierra and i discovered smeeks together.
(that was for you, sierra!)

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