Wednesday, January 21, 2009

i heart ... christmas!

okay, yes, christmas was 4 long weeks ago... but i didn't have a blog 4 long weeks ago!

here is the story of my family christmas in pictures. enjoy!

and so christmastime begins... with a visit from st. nick.

mccormick-stillman railroad park.

sierra juicing oranges for christmas brunch.

christmas eve. "mary's lullaby".

christmas eve. the (apparantly arab oilman) shepherd and wisemen.

christmas eve. thomas gets his stocking!

christmas eve.

christmas morning. finally they can open those presents!

the most special experience this christmastime was doing sealings with my family at the temple the day after christmas.

day after christmas at mountain view park.

the making of a new christmas tradition - a visit to the lego store!!!

and keeping up with old traditions, we made our pilgrimage to the temple lights.

our ? annual russell girls christmas soiree at matta's.

we spent new year's eve day at the phoenix zoo with the fam.

on new year's eve papa told stories by the fire.

new year's day is game day... and for my nieces that means nerts! i can never beat them at nerts... they are way too fast for me!

and the next day stephanie loaded up her family and took them back to utah,

thus marking the official end of christmas.

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