Saturday, January 24, 2009

i heart ... crackers & co.

i love crackers & co.! who doesn't? today i went to crackers for brunch with my friends debbie & lesli. i got my favorite omelet - the new princess (broccoli [remember, i heart broccoli!], mushrooms, chicken and a cream cheese filling). to die for! and it might actually make you die because it can't be healthy. at least you'd die happy!


  1. Okay... I gotta tell you. I heart... that eye photo at the top of the page. AND I heart... you and your wonderful ideas. I have a few questions for you, is there a good time that we can get together, like, ummmm, this Sunday, yeah, tomorrow?

  2. Crackers is the best place! It's such a chic hang out, perfect for breakfast or lunch with the girls! Love it!