Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i heart ... stacy's memorial day bbq

every memorial day stacy has a bbq.
it's become a family tradition.
and here's what we do:
we eat, of course!

we play with thomas jefferson.

thomas jefferson terrorizes chimichanga, the chinchilla.

we have a program where we...

... sing patriotic songs...
("america the beautiful" and "the star-spangled banner")

...we read the gettysburg address all together...

...the children recite from memory
a portion of the declaration of independence...
(drafted by thomas jefferson!)

...and most importantly we remember
our uncle grant
who died in world war II.
(grant is in the cockpit and kitty is the name of his wife)

and then it's time for dessert!

p.s. - i want to share something very special with you.
it is an excerpt from a letter my uncle grant (my nana's brother)
wrote to his wife kitty while he was stationed in europe.

october 26, 1943 every desire is to be with you,
yet there is something within me
which urges me to defend and protect what i know is right.
...i can't be satisfied unless in my own eyes i am doing my utmost to
help preserve our way of life.
that is the reason i couldn't be contented
to stay in the states.
i feel that i am fighting so that we can have that future
of being free, independent, and know that
we will continue our lives uninterrupted.
i am defending everything you mean to me.
loving you always, your devoted husband,


  1. Thanks for sharing. Sometimes we need a reminder of what's really important.