Tuesday, May 26, 2009

i heart ... stephanie and eric

yes, i am related to cinderella and prince charming.
didn't you know?
and would you like to know more?
well, you lucked out because i'm going to tell you.

10 things that make stephanie happy:
1. paula's blog
(i completely agree with you, stephanie)
2. my children's laughter
3. friends on facebook
4. red vines
5. shelby playing the violin
6. ny times crossword puzzles
7. a good book
8. rachmaninoff 's "rhapsody on a theme of paganini"
9. bedtime
(ummm... stephanie, i think that's only 9... )

10 things that make eric happy:
1. off -roading with the boys
2. going out to eat with my wife
3. seeing summer blockbusters with shelby
4. guns
5. sushi
6. chickens
(paula says, "what??? chickens???")
7. reading the Bible
8. doin' family stuff
9. working on a challenging project
10. repenting
(like the time when you repented because you gave me a list of 15 when it was supposed to be a list of 10)
11. free enterprise
12. doin' whatever i feel like a wanna do, gosh!
13. cramming extra things into a list of ten things
14. bawdy humor
15. liberating people from tyranny
(that's always nice)

... bedtime and sushi... both make me very happy as well!


  1. I love that you posted these things. I haven't seen Stephanie in so many years. She's beautiful. All I remember about her from so long ago was that she was always nice to me. Thanks for adding to the list!

  2. SO cute! That cracks me up!