Monday, September 14, 2009

every second monday in september
my family gathers at the cemetery
to celebrate our grandpa's birthday.
today is the second monday.

we want to celebrate
his life, rather than his death.

monday, september 10, 2001
was our first such gathering.

it was a completely average day.
we had no idea what was coming our way
the next morning.

i've thought about this often.
enjoying a nice, innocent september 10th
with my family
and then in a snap of the fingers
a handful of murderers
took away that innocence.

how i wish we could be living in a
september 10th world.
how i wish september 11, 2001
never happened.

but then i think,
i don't want to take back
who we became on september 12th...

full of love for one another.
we were all just americans,
not republican, democrat...

i wish we could all remember
who we were
on september 12th.

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