Friday, December 18, 2009

i heart ... christmas sprinkles

i went into sprinkles today.
i told myself i could have one cupcake.
so of course
i got two.
eggnog spice & vanilla peppermint

so now do you understand?
it was impossible to choose one and not the other!



  1. So... you are feeling Christmas in your stomach?

    I'm SO with you on this. We totally need to add that to our list of places to do a GNO!

  2. I was right by Sprinkles today! I was sooo close to going there. I ate lunch at Chipotle after shopping at Fashion Square. Sprinkles is in the same parking lot as Chipotle. I should have gone! :) I went home and did more Christmas baking instead. The peppermint candy cupcake looks delicious!

  3. Those look yum! I've never been to Sprinkles before.

    My girls at breakfast this morning said, "Remember when Paula came over and brought us cookies?" You've come up 2 or 3 times in the past couple days. You're a rockstar around here (those cookies were AMAZING and didn't last til morning).

    I checked my blog invites and I really did send you an invite in November. I sent it to: I just re-sent it. Let me know if I got the email address wrong.