Sunday, December 6, 2009

i heart ... thanksgiving

i'm just now posting about thanksgiving.
i haven't had a chance before now.
my aunt carol came from saudi arabia for thanksgiving
and just left today to go back home.
i've been hanging out with her everyday and having tons of fun
and haven't had time for silly things like blogging.
so without further ado...


oh wait,
a little more "ado"
because thanksgiving started before thanksgiving.
it started as soon as stephanie's family got to town.
here's what we did:

we went to fountain hills park

we got in-n-out and took it to the drive-ins.
this is what kaitlyn wore to the drive-ins!

we visited our uncle rusty's sculpture on main street.

we had lunch at mango's.

we went shopping at domestic bliss.

don't you just want to live here???

this time i really mean it...
without further ado,

after dinner we played...

... and we digested!

and then it was time for dessert.

these were my contributions:
we planned a "game day" with our cousins
the day after thanksgiving
otherwise i would have been so depressed when thanksgiving was over.
this way i had something to look forward to.
after "game day"
i was depressed.
thanksgiving really was over.


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  1. Your pumpkin toffee cheesecake was divine! It looked like it came from an upscale bakery. Loved it!