Tuesday, April 20, 2010

i heart ... girls' days

every time shelby visits,
i'm like, "so what do you wanna do?"
and this time she said,
"i wanna have a girls' day!"

duh! why don't we do this every time she comes?

so first we went to lunch at tia rosa's. brennan, sierra & shelby

i usually get the salmon tacos,
but this time i tried the salmon enchiladas with avocado sauce.
oh my gosh it was so good!
and definitely better than it looks in this picture!
next stop,
scottsdale fashion square.

look!  brennan and Shelby match the
 tory burch storefront.

we were all in love with this trench coat!
i wish you could see better the ruffles at the bottom.
we even had to go back to burberry to admire it a little more!
(and look! there's hermione!)

and we couldn't go to fashion square
without going to

next, brennan thought it would be fun to go to the
mesa arts center.
but first we picked up thomas.
he loves that place!

it's a great place for baby exercise.

translating for thomas,
"mmm... this reclaimed sewer water is so yummy!"

what's really sad is that i had never noticed
these wind chimes before.
i guess that's because the wind never blows here.
but it was blowing this day and i was so in love with these!

the end.


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