Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i heart ... olivia

i have a new niece!
isn't she beautiful?!

you would just die if you could feel her hair!
like feathers!
the softest thing in the history of the world!

natalie & olivia
natalie was beyond excited to see olivia for the first time.
she is already such a good big sister to paulina.


unfortunately i don't have a picture of paulina with olivia.
paulina was more interested in another aunt's french fries
than she was in her new sister.



  1. Olivia is adorable! Darren and Rebecca's girls are all so cute.

  2. What I love about this post is that our top 2 names are Olivia Gwen and Natalie Gwen. Maybe just for kicks, we'll have to through in Paulina! After all I I've been through with one certain person named Paulina!

  3. SOOOOO cute!!!! I LOVE babies!