Wednesday, May 12, 2010

i heart ... the gila valley temple

i went with stacy and her family to the

our first view of the temple
was the night before our tour.
it was soooo exciting to drive down the highway,
in the pitch black, in the middle of nowhere,
and then to come upon the temple all lit up!

as we were getting ready in the morning
before our tour,
thomas was running around saying,
"temple, temple, temple..."
it was cute to see how excited he was.
and of course we sang
"i love to see the temple"
with him.

almost as exciting as seeing the new temple
was seeing our uncle rusty's campaign signs around town!!!
if you live in congressional district 1,
vote for rusty!



  1. I took my kids a few weeks ago! It was amazing! I was a little nervouse driving there by my self with 3 kids only because out of all the years (forever) I have lived her I have NEVER been to sad is that...I was afraid I wouldn't see the Temple....LOW AND BEHOLD! We saw the Angel Moroni WAY before we saw the Temple, and it was an amazing thing! Of course I didn't realize it was litterally RIGHT off the Highway, but when I showed my kids the Golden Angel Moroni, they all go sooo excited! Maybe we are doing something right, that they were so excited to go to the Temple! It was beautiful! I am glad you got to go with Stacey and her family!

  2. We loved our trip there, too! I was taken aback by the pictures of your new little niece - oh that hair...makes me wish Azure had some! Hope you're doing well. I SWEAR that when things settle down in the fall we're going out for Indian food!