Wednesday, March 4, 2009

i heart ... the lavenders

"the lavenders" are my cousins. that's their last name. lavender. can you believe it? isn't it cute?

they are my second family. do you have one of those? the family you were with whenever you weren't with your own. they even call me their "sister"! i'm so lucky!

saturday i got to spend the whole day with them.

wendi, jennie, marci, lestie and kristy

first we went to lunch at tia rosa's and had, what else, salmon tacos with mango salsa. the best!!!

then home to kristy's house to watch brendon and u of a vs. washington.

next it was time for rook. that's what we do, you know, when we get together.

we also played a new-ish game called quiddler.

then lestie and marci entertained us on the trampoline, just like we were kids again.

and to make it all perfect, the scent of orange blossoms was in the air!!!

it was a perfect day!

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