Friday, March 6, 2009

i heart ... tiny killiney

today i heard bono say, regarding the title of U2's new album "no line on the horizon",

"the title of the album comes from that moment out in killiney bay where edge and myself live... there's that moment where the sea and the sky become the same color and it just disappears into infinity."

what??? killiney??? i've been there! with brook and jody!

and not only have i been to killiney, but i've been here:

bono's gate.

and no. i'm not a stalker. well, i guess i'm just the tiniest bit of a stalker.

but seriously i'm not much of a stalker because, first of all, the repairman waiting at the gate to be let in told us that we could get in the back of his van and he would sneak us in,

but we politely declined.

we're not that crazy.

but now i kind of wish we would have done it.

next time, i'm going to be that crazy.

and second of all, there was bono's estate manager who came out and talked to us like we were old friends (because that's how everyone talks to you in ireland) and told us that we could go through the trash if we'd like,
(because i guess what all the crazy stalkers that come to bono's house like to do)

but, eeewww, no thanks.

even if it is bono's trash.

so see, i'm only the tiniest bit of a stalker.

(hey brook! tiny killiney! the best days of my life. not just killiney. all of it. heaven to me is going to be reliving it.)

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