Thursday, March 12, 2009

i heart ... no line on the horizon

okay. so, the verdict
i'm sure you've been dying to know.
i'm not gonna lie
i love it!

i'm sure you're thinking,
"well, of course she loves it. paula loves U2 more than anything in the world,"
(which is not quite true, actually, but close!)
but, no, it's not that simple.
everytime U2 comes out with a new album i am nervous about whether i will like it or not.
wonder if i didn't like it? what a tragic turn of events that would be!
but happily, once again, they have lived up to my expectations.

my favorites on the album are:
no line on the horizon
standup comedy
i'll go crazy if i don't go crazy tonight
stand up comedy
white as snow
cedars of lebanon
and even, get on your boots. yes, it's true. i love it.
i will admit that the first time i heard it i only felt like it was an okay song,
but it has totally grown on me and now i love it! i love edge's guitar and adam's bass!

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