Saturday, February 27, 2010

i heart ... spinato's

awhile back i was at the park.
i overheard these two women talking.
one was going on and on about this
kind of secret italian restaurant.
she was like, "it's hard to find.
it's in this dark industrial complex.
you would never know it was there
unless someone told you how to get there."

and then she said,
"i'm from new jersey and i've had amazing authentic italian food
but this is the best i've ever had!"
at that point i was sold!
but i didn't know the name of the restaurant
and the directions she gave the other woman were fuzzy -
and i didn't want her to know i was eavesdropping
so i didn't dare ask her any details.

but then last wednesday i got a lucky break.
while at joe's farm grill with my friends
one of my friends started talking about this
mysterious italian restaurant
in this obscure industrial complex
and i said "hold it right there!
i need names and directions!"
it's called spinato's!

so today i went!
my cousin jennie was in town
and asked me where i would like to go for lunch.
i knew just the place!

we started with the bruschetta
(fresh roma tomatoes, fresh basil, diced garlic, evoo, and balsamic vinegar)
super good!

jennie's baby, journie,
shared some bruschetta sans tomatoes and stuff.
she wasn't loving the balsamic vinegar!

i ordered the baked spaghetti calzone -
yes, a calzone stuffed with spaghetti!
i want to kiss who every thought of this!
jennie ordered the
fresh spinach pizza
(fresh baby spinach carefully marinated in "secret seasonings”
then baked with fresh roma tomatoes, diced garlic, and mozzarella cheese)

and finally for dessert
we had the
pumpkin gelato and peppermint gelato.

journie loved it
and i think that is a good enough recommendation!

sadly, as it turns out,
spinato's is not as mysterious as people thought it was.
it felt mysterious
because, yes, it was hard to find,
and in a totally obscure location,
and in an unfinished building...
but there are actually 3 other locations
in the phoenix area.
it was sooooooo good
and i'm just going to keep on pretending
it's a special little secret place!


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