Wednesday, November 4, 2009

i heart ... halloween

i love halloween.
mostly i love halloween
because i love any excuse to watch scary movies.
but i also love to see my nieces and nephews all dressed up!

ava, natalie and paulina

clayton, ava and natalie

natalie as tigress from "kung fu panda"

clayton as mr. incredible

ava as cinderella

paulina as a much more fashionable master shifu from "kung fu panda"

eli as a baby pirate
(are there such things as baby pirates?)

if you're thinking eli's lips look blue, you're correct.
it's from the medicine the poor boy had to take.

some of the images you are about to see
may be disturbing to younger viewers
(but oh so super cool!)

ammon, sierra, kaitlyn, thomas and brennan

kaitlyn the zombie

sierra the flight attendant post plane crash!

brennan, one of dracula's victims


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