Wednesday, November 11, 2009

i heart ... a parade

today i took my niece natalie and my nephew ammon
to the veterans day parade.
at 11 on 11/11!
it was so exciting!
just look:
but really,
it was fun!

and it felt really good to acknowledge the veterans.
the spectators were clapping and saying "thank you"
to every veteran that came by.

and dear sweet natalie
put her hand on her heart
for every flag that went by.
i never even told her to!
in fact, i told her if she was getting tired of putting her hand up
it was okay if she wanted to put it down
and she told me,
"but i'm saying the pledge of allegiance in my head."
i love her!

i wish i remember what she was saying to me.
i'm sure it was really cute!


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