Monday, November 2, 2009

i heart ... visiting stephanie and her family

recently i got to visit
stephanie and her family
in utah.

on my first morning i woke up to this...
samuel asking me if i would like him to cook an egg for me!
what a sweet boy!
and it was the best egg i've ever had!

this was my first time visiting stephanie
in her new house.
i very much loved the view from the backyard...

and i loved the view even more from the front yard!

and i loved, loved, loved the view
out of this little window at the top of the stairs...

later that day we went to hang out at marsha's house
and as always drove past the provo temple...

then i swooned over this view at the end of marsha's street.
my first sighting of snow this year.
and maybe my last since i live in the desert!mount timpanogos

and then swooned even more over the beautiful colors
on her neighbor's trees!

and while in utah we saw many beautiful sunsets...

on friday we were able to do a session at the salt lake temple.
if you ever have the chance to do one - do it!
this is my favorite picture of the whole trip!

after our temple session
we took a drive around the area
and this is what we saw...

the state capitol...

a beautiful house...

another beautiful house...

this super cool lds chapel...

and on the way home from the temple
look what we stumbled upon...
yes, that's stonehenge!
you know, i visited stonehenge in england.
i never got the memo it had been moved to utah.

then we saw the rameumpton treehouse.
things just keep getting weirder.
(only in utah!)

then we went to the the grocery store
and look what i found...
the weirdest (and maybe coolest) thing of all...

and my personal favorite...

then thursday night
noah and samuel gave me my latest lesson on jets.
if you ever needed, for some reason, to know anything about jets
ask them.

on saturday samuel had a halloween party
for which shelby made cupcakes...
then those lucky kids got to decorate them...

and samuel looked very scary...

and with that
our visit to stephanie and family
was at its end.



on our way home we saw this...
the manti temple.
this is where we'll do a session on my next visit to utah!


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  1. So fun!!! I want to do a session at the SLC Temple soo bad too! I have been to the Manti Temple though! That is where Natalie got is beautiful!!! So glad you got to go and visit...Stephanie looks the unfair is that?? kidding! I cannot belive how big her kids are! I think the last time I saw here kids Shelby was "littttle!"